If you have a comment, issue, or feature request for some of The Wallace Center's applications, specifically ISNet or TWCNet, then you've come to the right place. Please select an application from the Projects page, and submit a ticket with as much information as you can.

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Latest news

ISNet: Rails 2.3 Resources
I posted some rails 2.3 documentation here:
Added by Steve Kuhaneck over 7 years ago

ISNet: Authentication
Login with your DCE
Added by Steve Kuhaneck over 7 years ago

Project mayhem: Project Mayhem Setup Complete
New project repository has been setup on acs1: /data/svnroot/mayhem Remine has obviously been setup also. If anything is missing or still needs to be setup, let me know.
Added by Steve Kuhaneck over 7 years ago

ISNet: In Preparation for RB-1.4
I am switching my environment to run off the isnet_test db on acd1 so I can work on the new permissions scheme without interrupting everyone else.
Added by Anonymous over 7 years ago

ISNet: Ticket Updates
Status and assignment of ticket's have been updated. Please check your tickets!
Added by Anonymous almost 8 years ago

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